What is Jujitsu ?

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Gentle Art !!!

What is Ju-Jitsu?

Ju-Jitsu, which means "Gentle Art" is a system of combat whereas a smaller person may defeat a person of greater physical stature.  The term "Gentle Art" in no way implies that Ju-Jitsu is a gentle, dainty art.  Indeed, Ju-Jitsu was the primary unarmed combat method of the Samurai and could devastatingly brutal on the field of battle. 

The term "Gentle Art" is really a description of the principles and techniques which are the foundation of the art.  A more accurate translation of "Ju-Jitsu, would be "Way of Flexibility". The smaller person cannot rely upon brute force and strength to overcome someone who is bigger and stronger.  The smaller person must instead use his opponents strength and momentum to add to his/her own technique to gain victory in combat.  When the opponent pushes, the defender would pull.  When pulled, the defender would push.  This is the principle of "Ju no ri" as taught in Ju-Jitsu. 

Ju-Jitsu, because it was designed as a combative art, relies upon many techniques, some of which are similar to those found in other Martial Arts like Karate, Aikido and Judo.  Both Aikido and Judo are modern day descendents of Ju-Jitsu.  Some of the techniques found in Ju-Jitsu are:

  • Atemi-Waza (striking techniques)

  • Nage-Waza (throwing techniques)

  • Kensetsu-Waza (joint manipulation)

  • Shime-Waza (strangulation or choking techniques)

  • Katami Waza (ground techniques), 

  • Vital and nerve point striking and manipulation


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