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Jiu-Jitsu is a popular martial art with emphasis on ground grappling. It is an effective an easy to learn self defense discipline. Because of its steep learning curve, students can effectively learn self defense techniques in a short amount of time. This course will be comprised of lecture, demonstration and practical application exercise. The course is physical in nature but gender neutral.  A methodology of live training will be emphasized, as well as safety and the history of Jiu-Jitsu.


The back mount gives the fighter the best control of the fight From this position it is very difficult for the enemy to either defend himself or counterattack. Both legs should be wrapped around the enemy with the heels "hooked" inside his legs. One arm is under an armpit and the other is around the neck and the hands are clasped. Even though a fighter may find himself with his own back on the ground this is still the back mount.


The front mount is dominant because it allows the fighter to strike the enemy with punches without the danger of effective return punches, and also provides the leverage to attack the enemy's upper body with joint attacks. Knees are as high as possible toward the enemy's armpits. This position should be held loosely to allow the enemy to turn over if he should try.


If the fighter must be on the bottom, the guard position allows the best defense and the only chance of offense. It is important initially for the fighter to lock his feet together behind the enemy's back to prevent him from simply pushing the fighter's knees down and stepping over them.


Although side control is not a dominant position, many times a fighter will find himself in this position, and he must be able to counter the enemy's defensive techniques. The fighter should place his elbow on the ground in the notch created by the enemy's head and shoulder. His other hand should be palm down on the ground on the near side of the enemy. The leg closest to the enemy's head should be straight and the other one bent so that the knee is near the enemy's hip. He should keep his head down to avoid knee strikes.