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Artes Marciales (Martial Arts)


Why Martial Arts?

     There are many reasons to begin martial arts training, and just as many benefits to be gained.  Weather you know exactly what you want to develop, or you just want to see what it's all about, Jiuwaithai Martial Arts makes it easy to get started.  Our highly qualified Instructors will met with you privately to discuss your goals, and to help you to find the program that best fits you.  Below are just a few of the many benefits associated with training.

Balance: Balanced training will help an individual increase focus, energy, discipline and communication skills along with overall mental and physical health. It is this combination which increases success and enriches the lives of so many practitioners.

Physical: Martial Arts movements can develop many areas of the body not normally used in daily activities or conventional exercises. Also, martial arts movements develop you in ways which will not shock or damage your body. In fact, many students with pre-existing injuries have found relief that was unavailable to them through conventional therapies.

Mental: Martial Arts movements engage the practitioners mind, increasing the patience, confidence, self-discipline, strength and focus necessary for success in any endeavor. Our  training programs can help anyone develop these mental and physical attributes, regardless of age, background or physical ability.

Willpower: Lack of self discipline is one of the greatest destroyers of personal goals. How many times have you started on a physical or mental goal, and due to lack of discipline stopped before reaching your objective. One of the greatest benefits to Martial Arts training is the relationship between the student and the Instructor, who is there to help you reach your goals. Through the challenges of training, students build their own determination & self discipline which can be applied to all aspects of their daily lives.

True Happiness: Regardless of who you are or what position you have in life, no one has a spare mind and body. Without good health you cannot have true happiness.

What is Jujitsu?
JU (gentle, soft, to give way) JUTSU (art, technique)

Jujutsu is one of the oldest forms of hand-to-hand combat in Japan. Records of Jujutsu date back over 2000 years. The ancient art was spawned from combat systems of warfare that were originally exclusive to various types of weaponry. Among some of the weapons used were the long sword (katana), the spear (yari), the weighted chain (manriki kuzuri), various wooden staves (bo and jo), and the dagger (tanto). These systems of combat were primarily, but not exclusively taught, learned, and used by the samurai, a high class of warriors who at one time were the rulers of Japan.

Over the years, the ryu, or schools, where Jujutsu was taught, were passed down from generation to generation. During later times when peace was restored to the country, many schools died out. Those that remained were treasured by their keepers.

In approximately 1603, Japan came to a fairly peaceful period following the formation of the Tokugawa military government by Tokugawa Ieyasu. During this time, known as the Edo period (1603-1868), the feudal civil wars and unsettled feelings and emotions within many people had plagued Japan for centuries had started to disappear. Forms and techniques displaying weapons skills of fighting began to yield to weaponless styles, which incorporated many of the grappling ground fighting techniques of the weaponed styles. Universally, these techniques were known as Jujitsu. It has been estimated that over 750 systems of Jujitsu were in existence in Japan during the Edo period.

At the end of the Edo period originated the beginning of the Meiji Restoration period in which power had transferred from the Shogun back to the Emperor as a result of an abortive civil war between the different groups of people. Many samurai warriors had supported the Shogun during the war and as a result, lost much status and esteem when power was restored and reinstated to the Emperor. An Imperial Law was introduced, making it a crime to practice the old style or method of martial arts of the original samurai. Samurai were also forbidden from carrying their swords or similar weapons. The art of Jujitsu had nearly disappeared during this period, but had eventually survived because some masters began to practice the art underground in hiding, or in other countries, until the ban was lifted in the mid-twentieth century.

Jujitsu has become the basis for other fairly new martial art styles and is referred to as the calm and gentle art whereby pressure points, kicks, sweeps and throws, grappling and other effective techniques are combined to counter an attacker with ease. It has been said that to attack a true Jujitsu Master is like attacking yourself.
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En Jiuwaithai se unen los conceptos del jujitsu clásico y moderno. La tradición del pasado sin perder de perspectiva las realidades del presente. Un sistema de sistemas en constante evolución.  Los conceptos brazileños, japoneses y europeos se combinan en una estructura de enseñanza que permite que los(as) estudiantes sean creativos sin perder los fundamentos de este fascinante arte marcial japones.
En las academias de Jiuwaithai todos(as) los(as) estudiantes son tratados con respeto.  Mantenemos un ambiente de alta disciplina y camaradería en todas nuestras clases.  Es precisamente por estas y otras razones que somos los pioneros en la enseñanza de niños(as) en este arte marcial. Por otra parte, constantemente auspiciamos seminarios y clases especiales por profesionales de distintos estilos para que nuestros(as) estudiantes se beneficien del entrenamiento cruzado.


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