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Prof. Wilfredo Vázquez Gómez: (Karate-Jujitsu Black Belt)

Born in 1971 in the island of Puerto Rico. (Martial Artist, Schollar, Teacher, Writer and Lawyer)  Graduated from the University of Puerto Rico (Magna Cum Laude) Bachelor in Arts with a Major in Hispanic studies and Oriental Literature/Philosophy (Minor); University of Puerto Rico Teaching Department (Suma Cum Laude); Interamerican University School of Law (Cum Laude).  Has been the Martial Arts Teacher (Karate-Jujitsu) of the State Department Kids Program, Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos, Education Department of Puerto Rico, University of Puerto Rico (Summer Camp), Phi Eta Mu (Summer Camp), Trina Padilla de Sánz (Summer Camp), University High School (Physical Education Elective Course) and UTIER (Summer Camp).  The co-founder of the Martial Arts Students Association at the University of Puerto Rico and ex-member of the University Karate Team.

He is the head instructor of the Jiuwaithai Martial Arts Academy, co-host of the 1st Martial Arts Talk Show (Radio) in Puerto Rico, National and International Competitor, Member in good standing in the Martial Arts Community of Puerto Rico, portrait in the "Martial Arts Founders and Pioneers of Karate in Puerto Rico", published by Hector Sotomayor (Shotokan Karate-6th dan).  Wilfredo Vázquez began his Martial Art training in 1982 under Iván Alonso (3rdan), Raúl Guadalupe (2ndan), Giovanni Rosario (5th dan) and So Se Cho (8th dan) in the Korean version of Karate, called at that time: Korean Karate (TKD).  Under the supervision of Giovanni Rosario began to trained in the art of Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido as well as in Self-Defense Techniques  (Ho Sin Sul). Earned his first Black belt in 1984 under the Caribbean TKD Federation.  The following years he began to formally trained under the supervision of Giovanni Rosario (5th Dan) in the art of Tae Kwon Do and Ho Sin Sul. He also began to trained with his  friend Carlos Reymundi (1st Dan Jujitsu Sanuces) and Judo with Hiromi Tomita (8th Dan Kodokan) at the University of Puerto Rico.  Since he was too young for the University Judo standards, he was not allowed to test for ranks, but was aloud to train with the University Judo and Wrestling Team.  In 1986 Giovanni Rosario (5th Dan) allowed Wilfredo Vázquez to test for Black belt under the International Tae Kwon Do Center (ITC).  Wilfredo Vázquez, not only was one of the higher pass score, but also demonstrated Ho Sin Sul and Jujitsu with Carlos Reymundi.  His physical and teaching skills earned him a special recognition as the best student of the year and the permission to work as an assistant instructor. He began teaching Martial Arts Self Defense Courses and TKD in 1986 as an assistant Instructor in Levittown, Puerto Rico.  At that point, he began competing in local Karate-Tae kwon Do Tournaments and giving Open Demonstrations of Ho Sin Sul.  As a competitor, he participated in different types of competition like traditional Karate, Taekwondo, Kung fu, Open Tournaments, Judo and Kickboxing.  In 1987 began training in Hapkido and Jujitsu-Arnis under the tutelage of Carlos Rolón 5th dan (student of Joe Cruz (8th Dan V-Arnis Jitsu Te under Florencio Visitación), (Jujitsu Black Belt in Hakko Ryu Jujitsu under Soke Cohe (Hakko Ryu Jujitsu and the founder of Tsugi Ashi Do), Aikido (Under Yamada Aikikai), Full Instructor of Modern Arnis and Jujitsu (Master Remy Presas), Black Belt in Hap Ki Do (Master Miung) and Co-Founder of Hokko Ryu Jujitsu with James Rivera as recognized by various Martial Arts Organizations, Tae Kwon Do Master as recognized by the World Ki do Federation and Ashihara Karate Chairman. His training with Carlos Rolón consists of Jujitsu, Full Contact Karate, Arnis, Hapkido and Aikido techniques.  In 1989 began training with Carlos Rolón brother James Rivera in the Art of Hokko Ryu (Jujitsu way of Sword) and fencing. In 1989, Wilfredo Vázquez became a member of UPR Karate Team on his 1st year.  That same year he was asked to demonstrate self-defense and kicking techniques at the URBAN Goju Ryu Headquarter Dojo of Puerto Rico in Carolina (Puerto Rico).   He began training in Goju Ryu under the tutelage of Carlos Paris and became a member of the Urban Goju Karate Team that same year competing in national and international tournaments. In 1990, was assigned as a Head Instructor of a Dojo in the area of Luquillo-Puerto Rico (Mystic Dragon Dojo) and Trujillo Alto-Puerto Rico (Mantis Ken Dojo); and was elected vice-president of USAGA (United States Goju Ryu Chapter of Puerto Rico) for two years and then serve as a Council Member of Yosei Goju Ryu Karate-do.  As a vice-president, he helps to established new procedures and reviewed the curriculum of Yosei Goju Ryu Karate-do, planned and follow-up activities.  In 1991 was promoted to 2nd degree Black Belt in Urban Goju Ryu Karate- do.  During that time he has the opportunity to trained with Prof. Moses Powell, Master Morton, Master Phill Maldonato, Master Thor and others.   In 1991, finished an Associated Degree in Business Administration and move to the Hispanic Literature and Philosophy Program at the UPR.  He earned his Bachelor in Art with a Major in Hispanic Literature and minor in Oriental Philosophy. (Magna Cum Laude).  After that, he decided to enroll in the Teaching Program at the University of Puerto Rico that he finished with a 4.0 average.  He conducted independent investigations in Oriental Philosophy and trained in acting techniques, as well as working in Summer Camps as a Martial Arts Jujitsu-Karate Instructor. He worked for the State Department of Puerto Rico, University of Puerto Rico, Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos, University High School, Phi Eta Mu, Education Department and UTIER.   He was the captain of the University Karate Team and fought all divisions above his weight when a fighter was not available. In addition, he founded the Martial Arts Student University Organization with other fellow practitioners. In 1992 began training and became part of Shaolin Tzu Kempo Club at the University of Puerto Rico with Sifu Rafael Campos.   In 1992, decided to open the 1st Martial Arts Academy in Puerto Rico with a combined curricula, the name of that academy was SATORI MARTIAL ARTS and was established in Fajardo-Puerto Rico.  Different instructors worked at the academy such as Carlos Rolón, Vidiver Vázquez, Sydney Martin and others.  In 1993, promoted the first Martial Arts Semi-full contact tournament that allowed grappling and submission techniques, as well as striking, the name of that tournament was KATANA CHALLENGE. As a result of that tournament he began to formally train under the supervision of David Méndez  (Takahama Jujitsu and founder of Mendez Jiuwaithai). Due to his efforts, performance and continuous training, Wilfredo Vázquez was promoted to the rank of third Dan (1994) and then four years later to the rank of fourth Dan and given the title of Renshi under the signature of Carlos Paris. In 1994 retire from Full-Contact Competition as recommended by his doctor due to thorn ligaments.  In 1995, tested for Black Belt in the Jujitsu style of Hokko Ryu under James Rivera (5th Dan).  He passes the test after a careful screening by the few instructors in the island of Puerto Rico.  That same year was recognized as a Master Instructor under Carlos Rolón Brotherhood Association. He resume his Kodokan Judo training under Takahama´s Blackbelt student Sensei José López.   In order to develop his inner strength Wilfredo Vázquez began training in Chi-Kung, Tai Chi and Yoga.  Wilfredo Vázquez Gómez is responsible for the first approved martial art elective course in a High School (UHS).  The University of Puerto Rico qualified the course as an elective approved course for graduation (EDFI 1001).  This course was test at the University High School of Puerto Rico.  It consists of Martial Art History, Jujitsu and Karate formal techniques. After two years retirement from competition due to injuries, returned to compete at the Open Martial Art Tournament (1996) held in Levittown Puerto Rico sponsor by American Kempo Master Tony Cogliandro and Michael Cruz.  He fought in the master division (4th Dan and above) and took 2nd place. That same year, Don David Méndez recognized Prof. Wilfredo Vázquez as a Master Instructor of Jiuwaithai.  In 1996, named his jujitsu school under the name of JIUWAITHAI SUBMISSION ACADEMY ® aka Jiuwaithai Martial Arts Academy ® and register it in the State Department of Puerto Rico.

In 1997 decided to enroll at the Interamerican University Law School.  In 1998 began to study at the Interamerican Law School of Puerto Rico, as an Honor Law student; was elected to represent the University in National Litigation Competitions and to the Student Council (Treasury) 2001-02.  In 1997, the second KATANA tournament was sponsor featuring Jiuwaithai students.  In 2001, KATANA III was sponsored by Jiuwaithai and named as: PR Jujitsu Open.  Wilfredo Vázquez is responsible for the 1st set of competition rules for Jujitsu and Mixed Martial Art competition in the island. Due to that fact, he was asked to coordinate the Grappling Divisions of Open Tournaments such as the PR OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP and trained athletes to compete in these events. His students currently compete in Judo at the LAI (Interuniversity Athletic League) and some of them are part of the National Wrestling Team and Judo Team.   Several martial artists from Puerto Rico, Canada, Europe and United States form a national Organization called Latin-American Council and voluntary recognized Jiuwaithai as a martial art style of Puerto Rico.  On the other hand, Carlos Paris (8th Dan Urban Goju and founder of Yosei Goju Ryu) recognized Jiuwaithai as a genuine Martial Art Puerto Rican methodology.  Wilfredo Vázquez has the opportunity to train under such people as Remy Presas, Ronald Duncan, Saul Cohe, Moses Powell, Craig Kucok, Flavio Behring, Phil Maldonato, James Thorton, Joe Cruz, Carlos Paris, Giovanni Rosario, Morton, Hiromi Tomita, Ray Dionaldo, Rico Cortés, Pipo, Luis Martínez, José Lopez, Iván Hernández, Vidiver Vazquez, Yamada,  Phillip Berrios, James Rivera, Adalberto Rosario, Héctor Sotomayor, José Bonilla, M.Kim, Larry Tatum, Nelsón Morales, Don Méndez and others. Jiuwaithai also became a good standing member of the US Jujitsu Federation and the International Jujitsu community.  

In 2002 he graduated with honors (Cum Laude) from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of Law and approve the State Law Test. Actually he is working as a co-host of the 1st Martial Arts Radio Program of Puerto Rico (CINTURON NEGRO) and has established himself as a respected Martial Art Business Consultant and Producer of Martial Arts Events.